Kasetsart University Research and Development Institute (KURDI)


The Kasetsart University Research and Development Institute (KURDI) was established on October 2, 1978. KURDI is the main university organization that strengthens research work so that Kasetsart University is recognized as a leading research university at the regional and international level.


Kasetsart University Research and Development Institute (KURDI) has a status equivalent to and academic faculty of the university and is the fifteenth organization according to the announcement from the office of Prime Minster concerning the "Organization of Kasetsart University (Volumes)" and the announcement of the Government Gazette, dated to October, 1978. KURDI serves as the university's organization's for research administration, Coordination and collaboration, research information development as well as the transfer of research outcomes to the public.

The administration of KURDI is under the policy and supervision of the KURDI Executive Committee and KURDI Development Committee. The KURDI Executive Committee includes the Vice-President as the advisor,

KURDI Director as the Chairperson the the committee, Trepresentatives of those faculties, offices and institutes which conduct research projects, including specialists within kasetsart University and advanced research scholars from other research organizations. KURDI's Director is the Chair person of the Development Committee which includes Deputy-Directors, Heads of Divisions, Heads of Centers and Stations. Both committee offer advice and suggestions for administrating activities effectively according to KURDI's mission policy and objectives. KURDI has also established the committee for administrating the research development fund, a subcommittee for promoting and developing research, and for promoting and developing personnel who support KURDI's activities.


KURDI’s mission is to administrate and coordinate university’s research projects and services, including the research information management of all KU researchers in all campuses with regard to excellence in quality, effectiveness and ultimate efficiency.


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KURDI supports and encourages all faculty members and researchers at Kasetsart University in both the science fields (e.g., Agricultural Science, Biotechnology, Engineering, Environment, Fishery, Food Science, Forestry and Veterinary Science) and social science fields (e.g., Business, Economics, Education and Humanities).

KURDI International Activities:

- To manage the Agriculture and Natural Resources (ANRES) Journal which is published bimonthly to an international audience. The subjects include all aspects of agricultural science. It is indexed in SCOPUS, the ASEAN Citation Index (ACI) and the Thai-Journal Citation Index (TCI-G1).

- To manage the Kasetsart Journal of Social Sciences (KJSS) which is an international research journal. The subjects relate to the social sciences. The Journal is indexed in SCOPUS, the ASEAN Citation Index (ACI) and the Thai-Journal Citation Index (TCI-G1).

- To organize international conferences to bring together leading academics, scientists, researchers and research scholars to exchange knowledge, share their experiences and enhance international cooperation in academic research.

- To increase collaborative international cooperation for developing research proposals.

- Collaborate with the Research University Network (RUN) that focuses on research related to national, regional and global issues regarding food (food and agriculture and functional food), logistics, climate change, advance materials, health, ASEAN study, robotics, and digital or energy-based research.

- Collaborate with the Food Valley Network to develop the health-food industry through the Asian Food Innovation Center.

- Collaborate in all aspects of academic research and administration with international professors, scholars, and researchers from many different areas.

- Provide scholarships and financial support to faculty members and researchers at Kasetsart University for academic presentations and postdoctoral study aboard.

“KURDI is ready to support and develop our faculty members and researchers in creating and conducting quality research and developing innovations to respond to national strategies. We are ready to be a part of building the national wisdom to promote national well-being, sustainability and prosperity in the long term as well as ensuring our University is recognized as meeting or exceeding international levels.”

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