Seeda-Thip Tomatoes

The Seeda-Thip tomato cultivar, also known as table tomato or green papaya salad tomato, has undergone significant improvement through the utilization of inbred lines in plant breeding. More than 20 hybrid lines have been successfully developed, exhibiting resistance to yellow-curl-leaf disease. Kasetsart University has showcased the Seeda-Thip inbred tomatoes (designated as number 1-10) and KU Seeda-thip hybrid tomatoes (marked as KPS01-20) as guidelines for tomato breeders, aiming to meet their specific requirements and promote the practice of farmers preserving the line seeds for future cultivation. For further inquiries or additional information, please contact Mr. Akarachai Somkul at the Tropical Vegetable Research Center, Department of Horticulture, Faculty of Agriculture at Kamphaeng Saen, Kasetsart University, Kamphaeng Saen Campus. Contact number: 06-4246-9551

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