Biodegradable pot making machine from agricultural waste

Plants seedling pot making machine has been developed from the combination of a leaf cup making machine and a water hyacinth pot making machine. The seedling pot can be made by a machine either a hydraulic or a hand-operated system that can press materials and shape it to be a seedling plot. Agricultural waste that can be used such as leaves, coconut coir, coconut fibers, rice straws, saw dust, water hyacinth, etc. The whole pot with the plant can be placed in the ground for planting directly, no need to take the pot off. This will allow the seedling and the plant to continue to grow well without being interrupted; the root system has already settled well with the environment. This biodegradable pot is another alternative to replace a black plastic bag or pot for plant nursery. Further information, please contact Asst. Prof. Nonglak Lekrungruangkit, Energy and Environmental Center, Faculty of Engineering, Kasetsart University, Kamphaeng Saen Campus Tel.09-1021-9191

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