Barking deer’s mango: from wild plant to processed products

Barking deer’s mango tree is a native wild perennial plant that can be found in all regions of Thailand. It is a big plant with a big canopy size. Usually, villagers and farmers discard it. The cultivation of this tree requires a large space. Trat Agroforestry Research and Training Station have transferred the knowledge of agroforestry to the farmers and villagers. We have encouraged them to realize the importance of forest restoration and tree conservation for this kind of plant to establish its price and value. Its wood can be used to make charcoal or a handle of knife or hoe. Its seed is edible and is called “Isan almond” The seed has nutritional value with high fiber content. It can be processed to make flour, crispy cake and other products. For further information, please contact Mr. Anucha Tara, Assistant to Head of Trat Agroforestry Research and Training Station, Trat Agroforestry Research and Training Station, Faculty of Forestry, Kasetsart University, Tel 08-9476-7605.

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