New cassava variety “Kasetsart 3”

Flour production from cassava in Thailand has using a bitter type cassava which a high cyanide and need to be develop a texture and texture and flavor. Mr. Sakol Chaisri, a researcher from Kasetsart University has conducted a research and developed a new cassava variety “Kasetsart 3” which is a sweet type or edible variety for use a raw material to produce high-quality cassava flour with low cyanide and acrylamide content. Kasetsart 3 gives an average fresh root yield is 5.0 tons per rai and a starch content in fresh roots is 30.4 percent. It is a new cassava variety with high starch yield, high fresh root yield and low cyanide content in fresh roots. Kasetsart 3 is an edible variety. It can grow in the general area of cassava cultivation. It is quit drought tolerant when face to inclement weather like it doesn’t rain according to the pattern and tolerant to root rot when it rains continuously for a long time. For further information, please contact Lop-Buri Research Station, Faculty of Agriculture, Kasetsart University, Tel 08-2246-0483.

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