Growing Bird of Paradise as a value-added decoration plant

Bird of Paradise is considered a beautiful flowering plant with a beautiful leaf shape. A flower in full bloom looks like a bird resting on the stem of the plant. Bird of Paradise is mostly popular for growing as a decoration plant for home or garden. Its flowers and leaves are also popularly used for decoration. The Bird of Paradise plant can grow well in cool weather and well-drained soil. Phetchabun Research Station has developed a good pollination technique by collecting the pollen and rubbing it on the stigma. This is a propagation method. The plant will produce seed pods. It will take 3 years from seedling cultivation to produce flowers. After that, the plant will produce flowers continuously. It is considered a valuable long-life plant. For more information, please contact Mr. Veerayut Saenyakul (researcher), Phetchabun Research Station, Faculty of Agriculture, Kasetsart University, Tel 08-4368-5417.

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