International Training Course in Tropical Marine Biology


The Andaman Coast of Thailand has become popular for international tourism on account of its great beauty and warm climate. Although some areas have become heavily developed, there are still vast tracts of unspoiled natural habitats that make the area the ideal place to study and teach tropical marine biology.

In February/March 2013 Kasetsart University will use this unique coastline as the base for two training courses on tropical marine biology aimed at undergraduate or recent postgraduate students who want to have direct experience of mangrove forests, seagrass beds, estuaries and the broad sandy beaches that fringe the coast. Unfortunately there is little coral in the local area.

The courses will be based at Kasetsart University’s Andaman Coastal Research/Station for Development (Ranong Station) which is situated around one hour to the south of Ranong (domestic air connections from Bangkok) and 3.5 hours to the north of the international airport at Phuket. This laboratory was built in 2005 and offers extensive teaching space and on-site accommodation for students. Connections from both airports can be provided.

The laboratory has been developed as part of a rural fishing community and of course participants will have an ample opportunity to observe local culture and try local food. The course will be given in English but Japanese and, of course, Thai language support can be provided if necessary.

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