Know Agriculture – “Agri Pro” Agriculture Management Application

The “Agri Pro” application is like a digital farm book used to record cultivation, animal husbandry or fishery information that can set the boundaries of plots or farms to calculate the actual area. This application creates a planting plan or animal husbandry by recording the details of the activities occurring throughout the cultivation period or raising animals. It also can record the income from the sale of each produce or product and summarize the recorded data to create a profile picture of each crop or animal husbandry to visualize the occurred income – expenses that are profitable or not? What activities cost the most? And what kind of expenses. So that it be able for planning the next planting or animal husbandry. The information of each planting or animal husbandry can be generated as a QR code. It could share information with those who are interested in plot or farm management information. It is for the exchange of knowledge among each other as a network of farmers. Research results by Department of Agronomy, Faculty of Agriculture, Kasetsart University. Tel. 0-2579-0588

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