Leaf container compactor to SME business

Leaf cups compression machine was developed from the Prototype1 of banana leaf cups compression machine to 2nd and 3rd generation with one and two presses heads, respectively, to support prolonged time preservation and mass production of leaf cups. At normal temperature, the cup can be stored in a sealed bag for more than 30 days. Using edible and local leaf that is easy to find and save for material cost such as banana leaves, lotus leaves, teak leaves, bamboo sheaths, banana sheaths, water hyacinths, and bodhi leaves, which are natural materials. There are no toxic substances that have not any effect to the consumer’s health. The machine structure was designed to support a variety of mold changes that have about 20 form of mold sizes, in the present. The operation cost of electricity is the first important concept for the development. Then the small cup about 8 cm diameter use only 700 watts that it is less than 0.10 Baht per cup for electricity cost. However, the increasing size of cups will be increasing electric power and cost, which are vary between 700-2,000 watts of household electricity. The advantage of these Leaf cups compression machines model 2 and model 3, that user can be adjusted on desired temperature during; 0-300 °C and time; second-hour with a sound alarm system when the working time reached Research results by Nonglak Lekrungruangkid, The Operation Center of Energy and Environmental Engineering, Department of Agricultural Engineering, Faculty of Engineering Kamphaeng Saen, Kasetsart University Kamphaeng Saen Campus Tel. 091-021-9191

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