Cassava Kasetsart 1

Cassava Kasetsart 1 Cassava is an important crop in Thailand. It is a tuber with high starch content and is consumed in many forms. Including being used to produce flour. Both in the form of starch and flour Thailand produces flour from cassava for commercial use and using the bitter type of cassava or industrial varieties. It is the raw material for producing cassava flour which still has a high content of cyanide in the tubers. The flavor and texture are still in the process of being developed. Kasetsart University therefore, developed cassava “Kasetsart 1” by Sakon Chaisri (Researcher), Lop-Buri Research Station, Faculty of Agriculture, to be used as a raw material for producing flour.High quality cassava flour with low cyanide and acrylamide content can eat. The average fresh tuber yield was 5.4 tons per rai. The average fresh flour content of 30.2 percent was a new varieties of cassava with high yield and high starch content in fresh tubers. It can be planted in the general area of cassava cultivation. Resistant to rain conditions and resistant to rotting conditions when raining continuously for a long time. For inquire, please contact Sakol Chaisri (Researcher), Lop-Buri Research Station, Faculty of Agriculture, Kasetsart University. Call 08-2246-0483